The R2H brand & products were created & published by Journey Travel, a company formed with the goal of creating a NEW type of travel guide.


Most travel guides only offer an exchange of information. Basically, you pay for their knowledge.

We've taken it a step further by asking questions like:

  • "Who says travel guides have to be bland and boring?"
  • "What if they felt less like a lecture and more like a movie?"
  • "How can we take the research and knowledge that already exists and create a new, fresh experience for travelers?"
  • "What if we could use technology to change the face of how travel guides are put together?"
  • "What if travel guides could actually compliment the emotions and feelings of travelers as they experience something for the first time?"

We explored our questions and found some compelling answers.

An Initial Focus on Hawaii

Then the big question was, "So, where should we begin?" Well, we chose to focus on Hawaii, which includes one of our favorite places on the planet: The Road to Hana in Maui. Our goal was to create a fresh approach to travel guides that fulfills the two main desires of tourists on their vacation to Hawaii: ADVENTURE + ROMANCE.



We have successfully launched our first travel guide, and it is called, "R2H: Experiencing the Road to Hana…and Beyond!" There are 26 narrated audio tracks covering the top 15 stops along the R2H, history of Hawaii, plus stories about Hollywood in Maui. The soundtrack was composed specifically for this project, & it features the epic sounds of a full orchestra, in addition to a perfect blend of current & traditional Hawaiian music. It is available as a physical guide (with CD, map & itineraries) that we can ship to you, as well as an digital download that you can access instantly!