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You do the driving, & we'll do the guiding!

With the Road to Hana Audio Guide, you will find:

    •    Hidden waterfalls, as high as 400 feet

    •    Secluded jungle waiting to be explored

    •    The most romantic places on Maui

    •    Jaw-dropping natural wonders


Why should I use your guide instead of other ones?

Our Road to Hana CD guide offers you much more than an exchange of information. You are getting much more than just knowledge. The mixture of the music and narration will compliment the emotions and feelings you are having as you experience this tropical paradise for the first time. 


The benefits of an audio guide:

    •    You go at your own pace

    •    No buses loaded down with tourists

    •    No book to decipher as you drive

    •    You do the driving, and we do the guiding

    •    Plus, did you know that adding the element of sound enhances all of your other senses?


   •    Panoramic views of sparkling coastline

    •    An enchanting bamboo forest

    •    A "clothing-optional" beach ;)

    •    Incredible food stands and restaurants

    •    And the 3 stops you will NOT want to miss!

What's Included:

26 narrated tracks on audio CD covering:

    •    The top 15 spots on the Road to Hana

    •    History of Hawaii

    •    Plus, Hollywood on Maui

An Original Soundtrack:

    •    Scored specifically for this CD Guide

    •    Features the epic sounds of a full orchestra

    •    Perfect blend of current and traditional Hawaiian music

    •    Actual nature sounds from the Road to Hana and Maui

The R2H Roadmap + Itinerary + Driving Tips:

    •    The best spots as voted on by R2H customers

    •    Large map with important mile markers

    •    Your choice of a 1 or 2-day itinerary

    •    Driving tips for the Road to Hana

    •    Checklist of important items to bring

    •    Photos from the Road to Hana



No other travel guide will offer you the heightened experience we provide.      

As one of our customers said it best...


"If other guides are the book version, then this is the Oscar-winning movie."