DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (for non-Apple devices)

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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (for non-Apple devices)


(for Android & non-Apple devices)

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The R2H Guide in Digital Download format for non-Apple/non-iOS (i.e., Android) users.



26 narrated AUDIO tracks covering:

  • The top 15 spots on the Road to Hana
  • Epic waterfalls & hikes
  • History of Hawaii
  • Plus, Hollywood on Maui

The R2H Roadmap + Itinerary + Driving Tips:

  • The best spots as voted on by R2H customers
  • Map with important mile markers
  • Your choice of a 1 or 2-day itinerary
  • Driving tips for the Road to Hana
  • Checklist of important items to bring
  • Favorite Food stops along the Road to Hana
  • Photos from the Road to Hana

An Original Soundtrack:

  • Scored & curated specifically for this Audio Guide
  • Features the epic sounds of a full orchestra
  • Perfect blend of current & traditional Hawaiian music
  • Actual nature sounds from the Road to Hana


It is easiest for you to download the ZIP file onto your computer and then transfer them to your smartphone or tablet, or burn a CD. If you have no other option but to download them directly to your smartphone or tablet, you will need to use this free app to uncompress the ZIP file: 

Android Users

Install the app before you download the file. 

FYI: Files will not download on the Hāna Highway. Downloads are non-refundable.


NOTE: This ZIP download is 88 MB and could take several minutes depending on your connection speed. PLEASE allow for 5-20 minutes of download time, depending on your cell/WiFi connection & speed. 
When you click the download link, you might experience a blank screen, as if the link doesn't work. It does work, it's just downloading in the background. Avoid letting your device go to sleep while downloading, and be patient.

Audio Guide / MP3s

For the easiest user experience, download the .zip file provided once you order onto your computer or laptop. This file contains a folder of MP3s, a PDF of the map and itinerary, as well as these download instructions. Once you have finished downloading the file onto your computer or laptop, open the audio files with iTunes. It will gather all of these files into one album for you along with the R2H album artwork. Next, you will be able to transfer the MP3s to your smartphone or tablet. You also have permission to burn these MP3s to CD (for your use only). ANY other duplication or publishing of this content is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the R2H Team at Journey Travel LLC.

Map + Itinerary / PDF

You can either (1) PRINT the Map OR (2) OPEN the Map that is best viewed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone:

  1. R2H_Map_Itinerary_Printable.pdf
  2. To be printed - file Size: 18.625" w x 9.5" h
  3. Open with Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader. You have permission to print the PDF (for your use only). NOTE: this map is an integral part of the R2H experience, plus it will help you follow along with the audio guide. For the best experience, we recommend printing it on a large format color printer at full size above. If you do not have have the right equipment to print this PDF, your local FedEx Office (Kinkos) is a great affordable option. You can choose to scale it down to fit an 11 x 17 sheet, but some of the fonts may become small and difficult to read. ANY other duplication or publishing of this design or content is prohibited unless permission is obtained from the R2H Team at Journey Travel LLC.
  4. R2H_Map_Itinerary_iPad.pdf
  5. To be viewed on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  6. Better color and speed for on screen viewing and navigation.